Applying for Vietnamese visas at the Vietnamese embassy

Vietnamese visas at the Vietnamese embassy

Vietnamese visas are compulsory for all foreign citizens who plan to visit Vietnam except citizens of the countries benefiting from visa – free Vietnam. In order to obtain Vietnamese visas, tourists often need the embassy or Vietnamese consulate because these are the only government organizations that are granted overseas visa.

Review visa at the Vietnamese embassy is considered the most reliable and reliable manner. You can get permission to Vietnam right away in your country when choosing this method.

Visa policy for Vietnamese visa in the embassy

Requesting visas at the embassy or consulate in foreign countries, you must wait at least one week for your visa to be reviewed & processed (possibly sooner depending on the embassy).

In some cases, the Vietnamese embassy will request additional documents or interviews with applicants. If you can’ t go to interviews, the Vietnam embassy visa application will soon be delayed or extended. Moreover, unless it is for personal purposes, other requirements for the visa will not be accepted. Please note that the embassy will not answer anything relating to the visa procedure.

The visa expires 30 days or 90 days depending on the type of visa and starting to take effect from the date of arrival, not the date you submit. After this time, your visa will not be valid and you cannot enter Vietnam.

To avoid trouble, you should carefully read the requirements and policies of Vietnam’s visa. The processing time for visa at the Vietnamese embassy is about a week, depending on the time you want (regular services, emergency services). In addition, you should contact the Vietnamese embassy directly in your country for more details.

So before you begin to apply for Vietnamese visas at the embassy or consulate, make sure you know what documents you need to prepare.

Necessary papers to request Vietnamese visas at the embassy

+ Your original passport for at least 6 months.

+ A form of visa application for the Vietnamese embassy needs to be completed with accurate information and two sizes of passport size.

+ A sum of money payable to the Vietnam embassy visa. Keep in mind that different charges and depending on the length of the journey, the border gate and the purpose of the trip. More importantly, all visa charges at the embassy are not refundable.

+ if you choose to submit an application by mail or post, please provide the correct address where you want to retrieve your passport and visa. All documents should be carefully placed in an envelope.

To apply for visa at the Vietnamese embassy

First, you need to visit the nearest embassy or Vietnamese consulate to apply for visa. The time to get the visa and the cost of the Vietnamese embassy varies depending on the location, so you should contact the embassy directly for details.

To receive Vietnamese visas: first, you must submit the original passport for the embassy and then pay the service fees as well as some other fees (processing fees, visa arrangements, processing and handling fees, and transport fees). You will then receive a receipt for the return of the passport of your Vietnamese visa.

To get a visa at the Vietnamese embassy, you can follow the following four steps:

Step 1: Examine the requirements of the embassy of Vietnam from the Vietnamese embassy near your position. You can make calls or go to the embassy.

Step 2: Complete the visa application form and submit the relevant documents to the embassy.

Step 3: Pay service fees.

Step 4: Receive Vietnamese visas from the embassy or Vietnamese consulate.

Now you know the visa procedures in Vietnam from the embassy. Let’ s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages you can have when applying for this type of visa.

The pros and cons of the application of Vietnamese visas from the embassy


+ These visas are safer than the Vietnamese online visa (visa on arrival + e – visa)

+ Direct exchange to embassy / consulate.

+ Receive visas before you go to Vietnam.

+ Can enter Vietnam through airport border gates, seaports or land borders.


+ May have difficulty preparing for the preparation of the dossier at the request of the Vietnamese embassy.

+ Time and wait for visa

+ Costs of Vietnam’s visa are more expensive and unclear compared to the Vietnamese visas.

Plus time to the Vietnamese embassy, it would be inconvenient if the Vietnamese embassy stayed away from where you were.

Important notes on the Vietnamese embassy visa

+ The rate of response from the embassy at a certain delay

+ All necessary documents must be sent at the same time

+ Sometimes, your visa request may be rejected by the Vietnamese embassy or prolonged processing. So you shouldn’t have a plane ticket during the visa processing period. The embassy won’ t be responsible if your visa is rejected and you can’ t get on the plane.

+ In case the visa is rejected by the embassy, you cannot apply for the Vietnamese visa with the same goal in six months.

+ After the visa is granted and if you have any adjustments related to the renewal time, you must apply for a new visa, so the inspection of your Vietnamese embassy visa is important before submitting.

However, in case you don’ t want to apply for Vietnamese visas from the embassy, you can choose other methods to apply for Vietnamese visas. At present, outside of the Vietnamese embassy, foreign tourists may use electronic visa or Vietnamese visas when coming through

When we enter Vietnam, we also provide a number of services at the airport to help you feel more comfortable after a long flight and avoid lining up at the destination table when you apply for visas.

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