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Get visa stamp at Ho Chi Minh Airport

How to get an exit visa if your child is born in Vietnam?

It might be said that the information about how to get a Vietnam visa extended can be found in every expats group, however, there is quite a little information about exit visa if your baby is born in Vietnam. We have recently received many requests for this type of service as well; then in this […]

Vietnam visas for Americans

All you need to know about Vietnam visas for Americans

If you are an American citizen and intend to stay in Vietnam in 30 days, a visa is required for your trip. Recently, there are 3 ways to apply for a Vietnam visa for American citizens, and every method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can find the best way for you to get […]

Vietnamese visas at the Vietnamese embassy

Applying for Vietnamese visas at the Vietnamese embassy

Vietnamese visas are compulsory for all foreign citizens who plan to visit Vietnam except citizens of the countries benefiting from visa – free Vietnam. In order to obtain Vietnamese visas, tourists often need the embassy or Vietnamese consulate because these are the only government organizations that are granted overseas visa. Review visa at the Vietnamese […]

Vietnam visa in Luang Prabang

How to apply for a Vietnam visa in Luang Prabang?

While visiting Laos in August 2019, we discovered that we would need a visa for our next 15-day travel in Vietnam. As of July 2015, the Vietnamese government has announced that visitors from England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be exempted from visas for 15 days. As this does not apply to us, we […]

Vietnam Temporary Residence Card

Experience getting a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam attracts millions of foreigners come to work, especially Indian, regardless of the boom of career opportunities. And not surprised that I am one of them. I decided to tell you about my own experience with Vietnam Temporary Residence Card (TRC) since at least it could help someone who also intends to […]

Visa on arrival counter at Hanoi Airport

How to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa?

In recent years, the number of international tourists to Vietnam has increased rapidly, resulting in increasing need of applying for a Vietnam tourist visa. The demand is for not only working or visiting friends but also for travelling. So what are the procedures of applying for a Vietnam tourist visa like? Which steps are needed […]