Experience getting a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Vietnam

Vietnam Temporary Residence Card

In recent years, Vietnam attracts millions of foreigners come to work, especially Indian, regardless of the boom of career opportunities. And not surprised that I am one of them. I decided to tell you about my own experience with Vietnam Temporary Residence Card (TRC) since at least it could help someone who also intends to work in this wonderful country will have the best visa option.

I started working for India company in Vietnam since around October last year, thanks to the business visa (3 months multiple entry type) provided by this firm. After a while, I found the working environment as well as the salary to be quite good, which make me desire to stay here and work for a long time. Thus, I had to find the best solution for my visa problem in case I don’t want to pay another pile of money to extend my visa again and again.

I asked for advice from my best buddy in my company, from which I got to know Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Vietnam, or also known as long-term visa card: Owing to the fact that it normally stays valid for 1 to 3 years, and a maximum of 5 years. It was a really nice choice as it fitted my intention.

When I researched how to get TRC, I discovered that the procedure is not that simple: The company I am working with has to guarantee as well as support me. If you do not know what TRC needs, here is it:

  • Certificate of operation of business (certificate of registration business, certificate investment, certificate of operation of representative office, branch,….)
  • Certificate of legal seal or Notification about uploaded the stamp on National Business Registration Portal (Na16)
  • Certificate of exemption work permit prescribed by law or work permit.
  • Written introduction of legal seal and signature of competent persons of the organization
  • Dispatch and application for issuance of temporary resident card (NA16)
  • Application form for issuance of temporary resident card for foreigners (NA8)
  • Letter of introduction for Vietnamese staff to apply for a temporary residence card at the Immigration Department
  • Foreigner’s passport and Temporary residence card is issued previously
  • Foreigner’s Certificate of issuance of temporary residence is confirmed by ward/village police where the foreigner is living.
  • 02 photos size 2cm x 3cm

Since TRC requires a lot of documents and I was busy with work at that time too, I had to find a trust travel company to help me somehow in this process. Jess suggested to me Vietnamvisa.org.vn firm because she also renewed her visa last time through them, she said their service was reputable. So I seek information on google about Vietnamvisa.org.vn.

When I got there, I told them my case and my desire to get a TRC. I can say that they are intermediaries, I just need to prepare and give them the papers, they will assist me to get the TRC. They helped me fill NA6, NA8, NA16 forms and then send back to my company to seal and fill out. Furthermore, they also assisted me to get Work Permit (WP) – this is the most difficult step if you try to do it yourself. I prepared and brought to Vietnamvisa.org.vn the necessary documents related to Work Permit.

You can refer to the necessary documents and procedures related to Work Permit here:

  1. Request form for Vietnam work permit
  2. Health check certificate
  3. Criminal records (issued within 180 days), if applicants have stayed more than 6 months in Vietnam, they will have to provide both Vietnamese criminal records, & the criminal record from their home countries
  4. Certified copy of your certificate/degree
  5. Working experience confirmation document from former employers;
  6. A copy of a valid passport and visa
  7. Approval certificate which allows the employer to use foreign workers from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs or the People’s Committee where the employer resides. This certificate should be applied for at least 30 days before the expected date of the recruitment of foreign workers by the employer.
  8. Certified copy of the Employer’s Business Registration Certificate
  9. 02 4*6cm photos
  10. Employment contract.

If you do TRC and want support, you can go to Vietnamvisa.org.vn.

While waiting for WP, because I already had a valid passport for the next 3 years with a business visa, they told me to take 5 more photos in advance (you will need 1 to attach to the Information form, 1 is kept separately and the rest are for other papers), and confirming temporary residence in Long Bien ward where I am living. I went to the police station of Long Bien Ward to ask about my Foreigner’s Certificate of issuance of temporary residence and then got home to prepare and submit. I had the result after about 3 days, I had to go to the wand and got it.

Note: If you want to know the exact procedure and required documents to get this, you can go directly to your ward to ask.

Back in the process, I presented to my boss about my TRC problem and the paper I needed, and luckily he agreed right away. Only about 3 or 4 days later, my boss sent me a copy of the Business Registration Certificate of legal entity of organization (my boss is really amazing, thank you so much again :D)

After finishing all TRC-related remaining documents, I brought both the original and copy to Vietnamvisa.org.vn to help me submit to The Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security (44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi). They then gave me an appointment to get the result via email. I remember that I applied at the beginning of the week and 5 days later (Friday) I received the results. When you arrive, make sure you bring enough receipts and ID card/passport for them to check and collate. After I got my own Temporary Residence Card, I was asked to pay an affordable fee.

This is the whole process of getting my TRC. Although it was a bit tough, at least it helped me save quite a bit of money to extend the visa. I hope that my article can help those who are interested in TRC but don’t know how to do. You can do it yourself or if you’re confusing, you can ask for help from a trustworthy travel company like me.


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