Getting Vietnam emergency visa for a serious rush business trip

Vietnam emergency visa

I will tell you guys about my memorable experience with an Vietnam emergency visa in 2020, since I think at least it will help someone out there who might encounter the same situation as me.

Last year, I was suddenly told to fly from Massachusetts to Vietnam on a business trip in nearly 5 days by my boss. Everything was normal since I had been to Vietnam a few times regardless of such important work like this before. Until I heard something that extra terrified: I had to leave right tomorrow, and I didn’t have a Vietnam visa at that moment! My boss drove me up the wall for real, however,  I couldn’t blame him, owing to the fact that I did not want to lose my job 🙂

That annoying feeling quickly faded away because I realized that I was stuck in a serious rush. I knew I would not have time to go to Vietnamese Embassy here as well as Evisa (as I know Evisa will take at least 3 days to process, and I don’t have that much time, I still had a lot of things to do in addition to my visa). I think about my last option: Emergency Visa.

I searched google and hoped to find out some useful information about emergency visa service. No longer after that, I felt bewildered over not knowing which one was reliable, as there are a lot of companies provided this kind of service on the internet. Their price mostly up to 50$ to get my visa on time, how could that be expensive??

I was like fell into a panic at that moment, as I had to deal with not only my visa problem but also with many documents related to my work trip tomorrow. I tried to calm down and continue finding. After a while, among a bunch of companies, I found a website of a company called I wasn’t sure about them at first. But when I read on their web:, found out their price was really affordable: Only 20$ to get a visa approval sent to my email after 4 hours (have to admit I was really relieved when I saw this price), and therefore, I gave them a try.

I contacted their staff, told them my emergency case as fast as I could. After their dedicated guidance, I filled all my information into an application form, and wait. I kinda worried in the meantime, I thought about the worst situation that could happen: If I could not make it to this important business trip tomorrow due to my visa? What should I say to my boss?…… A pile of questions popped up in my mind without an answer. But you know what? Just one next hour, they sent me my visa approval letter! Hard to believe right? But it’s happened to me. Their service is so more than I expected.

Finally, I managed to get a visa in time and complete successfully the business trip in Vietnam. Thanks again to team to help me get through an experience that stressful but interesting at the same time.

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