How to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa?

Visa on arrival counter at Hanoi Airport

In recent years, the number of international tourists to Vietnam has increased rapidly, resulting in increasing need of applying for a Vietnam tourist visa. The demand is for not only working or visiting friends but also for travelling. So what are the procedures of applying for a Vietnam tourist visa like? Which steps are needed to get a Vietnam visa? The following article will help you clarify your confusions.

Things to keep in mind when applying for a Vietnam tourist visa

With the current trend of integration and development, the policy of issuing tourist visas to foreigners to Vietnam is not as hard as it used to be. However, not everyone is familiar with Vietnam’s visa regulations. If you don’t have enough preparation, you may still be denied a visa, unfortunately. In the following article, we will share with you the most complete and accurate information regarding procedures of applying for a Vietnam tourist visa.

Vietnam tourist visa for foreigners

Tourist visa (symbolized DL) is one of 19 types of visas to Vietnam 19. Tourist visas are issued to foreigners who enter Vietnam for tourism and sightseeing purposes. The duration of this visa does not exceed 03 months. (Except for US citizenship, no more than 1 year)

Vietnam Entry Permit

The first step of applying for a Vietnam tourist visa is that foreigners need to have an official Vietnam entry permit (Visa approval letter) issued by the Immigration Department. After receiving the entry documents, foreigners can receive tourist visas at Vietnam international border gates or Vietnamese embassy/ consulates abroad. The time to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa is about 02 – 03 working days.
Foreigners may apply for a Visa approval letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam through inviting/guaranteeing agencies, organizations, and individuals.

Required documents for Vietnam tourist visa application

  • A valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the date of entering Vietnam.
  • Round trip reservation or tour itinerary: you must present documents related to the tour they will participate in to prove to the competent authorities of their traveling.
  • A tourist visa application form: a declaration of the reason for applying for a tourist visa, which includes basic information of that foreigner.
  • Flight tickets to Vietnam.
  • A few other things to know when completing the procedure for a Vietnam tourist visa
    +Competent authority: Immigration Department or Immigration Agency of the city/province
    +Time of issuing a tourist visa: normally is 3 working days as prescribed by law.

Step-by-step procedures to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa

In general, the procedure for applying for a Vietnam tourist visa is not much different from other types of visa. It consists of the following specific steps:

Step 1: Contact a Vietnamese local business to apply for a Visa approval letter for tourism purposes. The local agency should be licensed and recognized travel companies. We are a licensed service provider in this field to help you get a Vietnam visa approval letter.

Step 2: The Vietnamese local agency receives information from you, then proceeds to apply for entry documents at the Immigration Department of Vietnam.
You will receive a scan of your Visa approval letter via email in case of receiving your visa at the airport, or the original entry documents via Vietnamese embassy /consulates in the case of entry at the border gate.

Step 3: Fill in Form NA1 – Vietnamese visa application form attached with 03cmx04cm photo + Present original passport and Official entry documents at the place of receiving visa (The place of receiving the visa may be an international airport or Vietnamese embassy/ consulates)

Step 4: Pay the fee and get a tourist visa after Vietnam tourist visa application procedures: You will pay the fee at the place of receiving your visa (receiving place can be Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate in your home country, International Airport of Vietnam or the land border gate depending where the foreigner registered to receive (Step 1).

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