How to get an exit visa if your child is born in Vietnam?

Get visa stamp at Ho Chi Minh Airport

It might be said that the information about how to get a Vietnam visa extended can be found in every expats group, however, there is quite a little information about exit visa if your baby is born in Vietnam. We have recently received many requests for this type of service as well; then in this post, we will share with you the useful steps to follow.

Step 1: Get a birth certificate issued by your Embassy in Vietnam

To get the birth certificate, you need to prepare the following documents:

  1. The Certificate of Live Birth issued by the hospital where your newborn child was born;
  2. The Married Certificate;
  3. Parents’ passport and Vietnam visa;
  4. The newborn baby nationality agreement letter if you and your spouse have the different nationality;
  5. The photos of your newborn baby;
  6. All necessary documents advised by the consular.

Step 2: Get a passport for your newborn

Do not forget to ask your embassy to issue a passport as well. You can collect the passport together with the birth certificate when you come to your embassy next time.

Step 3: Get an exit visa if your travel plan to leave Vietnam is already set up.

You should prepare these documents:

  1. The original passport of your newborn;
  2. Birth certificate – Translation and notarized into Vietnamese;
  3. The married certificate – Translation and notarized into Vietnamese;
  4. The parent’s passport and visa (OR TRC) photocopy;
  5. Form NA5 signed and stamped by your sponsor company if you have a business visa or TRC; form NA5 signed by you if you have a tourist visa.
    Flight ticket;
  6. The processing time: 5-7 working days; urgent service can be applied if your travel schedule is coming shortly.

The information in this post completely suits those who are foreigners and in the next post we will share information for those whose spouse is Vietnamese.

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