Temporary Residence Card services in Vietnam

Having a temporary residence card (TRC) seems to be on the wish list of many foreigners in Vietnam thanks to some of its benefits. However, applying for a temporary residence card in Vietnam on your own can cause you some problems, including:

  • Reference information: There are many resources available on the internet today, but very few provide you with the complete guide that best suits your situation.
  • After the registration: it can be a difficult problem if you are not familiar with the administrative procedures in Vietnam and cannot speak Vietnamese well.
  • Meet the requirements: Temporary residence card requirements are becoming more difficult than you might think.

But with our Vietnam temporary residence card service, all these problems will be solved and your every step in the process has never been easier.

Vietnam Temporary Residence Card
Sample Vietnam Temporary Residence Card

What does our Temporary Residence Card service include?

Using our service to apply for a temporary residence card in Vietnam, you will:

  • To be consulted about the provisions of the law on temporary residence cards in Vietnam;
  • To be consulted on the conditions for foreigners to be granted temporary residence cards;
  • Be provided with a list of papers and documents needed;
  • Instructed to prepare those papers and documents;
  • Get advice on how to do it in case any paperwork is omitted;
  • Let us do procedures on your behalf to issue temporary residence cards at competent State agencies;
  • Get an update on the processing status of your temporary residence card;
  • Transfer the temporary residence card to your address.

Documents to be provided to apply for a Vietnam temporary residence card

Currently, a temporary residence card is issued to a foreigner with a work permit or work permit exemption, who is the spouse or child of a Vietnamese citizen, foreign investor, etc. Therefore, the documents to apply for a temporary residence card may differ.

Working with us, your checklist of documents will be as short as possible and your effort and time to prepare them will be saved a lot.

How do I apply for a Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam?

The process to get a temporary residence card in Vietnam with vietnamvisaservice.org is very simple. You just need to do the following 2 steps:

1- Rafting and sending necessary documents to our office in Hanoi

You will prepare the necessary documents according to our instructions, then send all to our address at:

  • Hanoi: 83A Tran Quoc Toan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Once received, we will examine your document details. In the complete and valid case, we will submit it to the Vietnam Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security for processing. If not, we will guide you with further preparation.

2-Receive Vietnam temporary residence card

Processing time will be 7-10 working days from when we receive your complete valid file and payment. You will then come to our office to obtain your temporary residence card and passport or deliver them to your address, depending on your choice.

Why should you use our Temporary Residence Card service?

Active in this field since 2005, we are proud to affirm our extensive knowledge of foreign temporary residence card requirements. It is highly recommended that you use our temporary residence card service in Vietnam, because:

Expertise: We are knowledgeable about the legal provisions of temporary residence cards in Vietnam as we have been working in this aspect since 2005;

Convenience: We have carefully prepared the requests for temporary residence cards. We help you minimize the papers and documents that need to be prepared, thereby saving you a lot of valuable time.

Guarantee: Results are communicated and delivered to you in a timely manner

There are no hidden fees: all costs of the temporary residence card service are clearly communicated to you in advance. We do not charge you after that.

Responsibilities: We will sign an agreement on the rights and obligations of each party regarding the application for temporary residence card.

So no matter where you are now, please contact us for the best advice to save time, money and improve work efficiency.