How to get a Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

Are you looking for how to apply for a Vietnam visa in a quick, efficient and safe way?

Applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival via us – is not only convenient but also safe.

The process of applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival at the Airport include 3 steps:

  1. Complete your information from online visa application and make the payment
  2. Receive Vietnam visa approval letter
  3. Get the visa stamp upon arrival at international airports in Vietnam

Guide on How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

Step 1: Complete your information in the online visa application and make the payment

  • Fulfill your information in online visa application including name, nationality, passport number, date of expiry, date of entry and date of exit.
  • Check all your information to ensure that it is correct.
  • Make the payment by credit card, debit card through OnePay, PayPal or Western Union.
  • All these steps take about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Receive Vietnam visa approval letter via email

  • Finish filling out the online application and pay the service fee, we will give your information to the Vietnam Immigration Department. And within 4-7 working days, you will receive a visa approval letter and application form for entry and exit visa via email.
  • Then you need to print the visa approval letter and the application form, fulfill required information in the form, prepare 2 passport photos, your passport (6-month validity from date of entry) and stamping fee in cash.

Step 3: Get the visa stamp upon arrival at international airports in Vietnam

  • When you land at any international airport in Vietnam (in Hanoi, HCMC, Danang, Phu Quoc, Hai Phong, Nha Trang), come to the Immigration Counter to show the visa approval letter, application for entry and exit with your photo, your passport and pay stamping fee.


  • Visa on arrival is for foreigners who come to Vietnam by airline. For those entering Vietnam by land or sea, they need to contact the Vietnam embassy to get a Vietnam visa before coming to Vietnam.
  • Visa on arrival is available at the airport as soon as you land there.
  • To quickly get a stamp visa, you can book our airport fast track service. For further information, click here.

Frequently asked questions:

How long can I apply for a visa approval letter in advance?

You can apply for a visa approval letter at any time in your convenience. For example, if you plan to travel to Vietnam in October 2020, you can apply for a visa now. This is because your visa approval letter is valid from the entry date on the letter, not the date you apply or receive the letter.

Which documents do I need to provide for to issue my visa application?

To get a visa on arrival, you need to obtain a visa approval letter via us.

1. When you apply for a visa approval letter, you have to provide all the below information:

  • Full name (as on your passport);
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Passport number;
  • Entry date and Exit date;
  • Purpose of your trip;
  • Type of visa.

2. When you land at the airport, you need to show all documents as below to get visa stamp:

  • The copy of visa approval letter;
  • 2 passport photos;
  • Application for entry and exit;
  • Passport and pay the stamping fee in cash.