Urgent Vietnam visa online

Do you need a Vietnam visa urgently? How to get an emergency Vietnam visa in a short time or even at the last minute?

We will help you to resolve all your Vietnam visa urgent concerns with 24/7 support, regardless of weekends and holidays.

Who NeedsĀ  Vietnam Visa Urgent?

The Urgent Vietnam Visa is considered a great advantage for travelers and businessmen who need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam but have not obtained it before the departure date yet..

This visa is also for foreigners who need to return to Vietnam due to urgent work or stucking at the airport. Those who are waiting for the approval letters to get on the plane in just a few hours before departure are also in need of this service.

How to apply for an emergency Vietnam visa?

To obtain a urgent Vietnam visa request, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this application. We provide emergency Vietnam visa service only working days.
  2. Pay your visa application fee.
  3. Receive approval letters in 1 business day for Urgent services or 2-4 business hours for Super Urgent service.
  4. Show the e-visa at the entry gate (passport control) to enter Vietnam.

Apply Vietnam visa

Emergent Vietnam Visa Fee

Please check the table below to understand costs for eVisa’s emergency (USD / person).


Processing time Tourist visa Note
2 working days 75 USD Within 2 working days, the evisa results will be sent to your email.
For example: If you submit your application and pay the fee before 08:30 AM or 1:30 PM, you will receive result at 18:00 PM on the same day or before 12:00 PM the next 2 days .
1 working day 125 USD Within 1 working day, the evisa results will be sent to your email.
E.g: If you submit your application and pay the fee by 09:30 AM or 14:30 PM , you will receive result at 18:00PM on the same day or by 12:00PM on the next day, respectively.

Frequently asked questions

We are a travel company, so can we get an urgent visa official correspondence for our customers?

Absolutely, you can use this service for your customers. Please use our online form or submit their passport scans along with the travel date to our email at [email protected] to request visa letters for them.

I have only 2 hours left until my flight departure, can I apply for an emergency Vietnam visa?

Yes you can. We can process approval letters for Vietnam visas on arrival in less than 2 hours in business time. In the event that your inquiry happens over the weekend, it will be a bit difficult for us. Please contact us for more information.

I want to receive a Vietnam visa on the application submitting day. Can I get a Vietnam visa at the last minute on arrival?

Yes, of course. Please refer to the basic information of our Vietnam emergency visa application above to get a Vietnam visa at the last minute. If you are traveling on the weekend, please contact us for support before signing up for instruction.