Vietnam Visa Extension and Renewal

Note: This service is now not offered by the Vietnam Immigration Office. We will keep you updated immediately upon new developments.

Overstaying the Vietnam visa will not only expose foreign visitors to administrative penalties but also leave a bad impression on the Immigration Department’s records and make their return to Vietnam next time become more difficult. We do not want foreign tourists coming to Vietnam to fall into this situation. So, in case foreigners want to stay in Vietnam longer than the visa period, we recommend extending the stay in Vietnam. There are 2 ways to extend a visa for foreigners in Vietnam, that is:

  • make a visa run
  • visa extension and do not need to leave Vietnam.

Visa Extension/Renewal Requirements

To extend / renewal Vietnam visa, foreign guests must ensure their original passport:

  • To be valid for at least 06 months from the time of extension/renewal.
  • There are at least 02 blank pages.

Visa extension

Extension of visa means that tourists will be allowed to continue to stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time without having to exit Vietnam and re-enter into Vietnam.

If the visa is extended, foreign visitors will be stamped with the passport name extension showing the new stay period on it.

Visa renewal

Renewal of visas means that foreigners will be granted a new visa stamp and a stamp showing the new period of stay. Therefore, the visa renewal fee will be higher than the visa extension fee.

Note: Currently, the Immigration Department of Vietnam does not provide this service. We will update if there are any changes in the future.

Vietnam visa extension fee and extension time.

The Visa extension fee in Vietnam depends on the type of original visa, the period that foreign visitor wants to extend and also the usual processing time or urgent case. Currently, guests entering Vietnam on a visa-free, 1-month or 3-month visa are eligible to extend their stay for an additional 15 days, 1 month or 3 months. Particularly visitors to Vietnam under a 5-year visa exemption can extend up to 6 months.

Duration for extension Extension fees (USD)
1 month (single) 55
2 months (single) Contact
3 months (single) Contact


  • The above Vietnam visa extension fee is applicable for a tourist visa. Fees for a business visa may vary.
  • The Visa extension fee may change from time to time but will be agreed with you before using the service.
  • The extended visa is valid for one entry.

How to extend your Vietnam visa if you are in Vietnam?

The procedure for applying for a visa extension in Vietnam via is extremely easy. You only need to perform 3 steps:

  1. Step 1: Send a copy of your passport page and the page containing valid Vietnam visa to [email protected]. We will check and notify you if the visa can be extended;
  2. Step 2: Send your original passport to our office address in Hanoi and pay the visa extension fee;
  3. Step 3: Get back your passport with an extended visa within 7 working days for normal processing or 3 working days for urgent processing;

Why use our Vietnam visa extension service?

  • Over 10 years of experience: Established since 2005, we have assisted over 50,000 successful Vietnamese visa extension clients.
  • Transparent fee: We will notify all costs to customers before processing services. Apart from such notices, we do not charge any additional fees.
  • Responsibility: We are always concerned about passport security as well as other issues related to a visa extension. Therefore, when coming to the office to apply for visa extension, and customers will sign an agreement stating the rights and responsibilities of each party.
  • Convenience: We support the Vietnam visa extension for foreigners in all provinces of Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the visa expires?

If you want to stay in Vietnam longer while the visa expiry date is approaching, you should contact a travel agency at the property to get a visa extension (if eligible for the extension). Otherwise, you can exit Vietnam and then re-enter with a new visa.

Extension of visa before departure?

Question: I have a 1-month tourist visa. Can I apply for an online visa extension before departure to avoid the hassle that can occur when extending in Vietnam? If possible, what should I do?

Answer: No, you cannot extend your visa if you are not in Vietnam. The renewal process is very simple. In case you want to extend your visa in Vietnam, you can contact us via email: [email protected] .

How to apply Visa extension in Hanoi?

Question: I want to apply for a visa every 3 months for 2 passports: Canada and Cambodia. The current visa is for 3-month categories and will expire in the next 10 days. Where can I find the best company to provide this service? How much does it cost? How long does it take to renew and what is the procedure? Thanks!

Answer: We can completely help you apply for a visa every 3 months. Processing time will be 8 business days (normal service) or 4 working days (urgent service).
First, you need to send a copy of your passport, including your profile page and your current visa stamp, to email: [email protected]. We will then notify you whether you can extend your visa, the cost of the extension, and the steps required to apply for an extension.

How to apply Vietnam visa extension in Ho Chi Minh City?

Question: I am traveling in Vietnam for about 4 weeks but my visa is about to expire in the next 2 weeks. Can I extend my visa at the Immigration Department in Ho Chi Minh City because I do not want to leave Vietnam?

Answer: At the present time, travelers cannot apply for an extension directly at the Immigration Department but need to go through a travel agency licensed to provide visa services in Vietnam.
First, you need to check your visa status to see if you can apply for an extension. Please send a copy of your passport, including your profile page and your current visa stamp, to email: [email protected]. We will then respond to you with specific steps for renewal.

Disclaimer: Although we do our best to ensure the information we provide is accurate and up to date. However, there may be changes that we are not aware of. If yes, please let us know. Best regards.