Vietnam Visa On Arrival and Vietnam Embassy Visa

Previously, travelers to Vietnam had only one option to apply for a visa. That is contacting the Vietnam embassy directly. However, with the development of the Internet, there is an convenient alternative: Visa on Arrival.

Basically, applying for a Vietnam visa at the embassy means that you pick up your Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassies while applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival means that you pick up your visa at Vietnam airports.

Each type of visa application has its own differences in terms of the subject, the process, procedures, processing time and fees. So what are the differences between Vietnam visas on arrival and visas at the embassy? To help you figure out which method to choose from, we make a comparison table of Vietnam visa on arrival and Embassy visa:

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Vietnam Visa at Embassy
Applicable Applicants Travellers to Vietnam by AIR Travelers who want entry of a Vietnam
Required Documents for Application Only Online Vietnam visa application form
  • Original passport
  • Completed & signed application form
  • Photos
  • Sponsor letter (for business visa)
How to Submit Application Sending ONLINE to Vietnam visa service provider
  • By Post
  • Through the Embassy
  • Via third-party agency
  • Visa service fee – paid online for visa approval letter arrangement
  • Visa stamping fee in cash at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped
  • Visa stamping fee.
  • Other current fees, namely visa approval letter fee, processing, shipping, and handling fee, expedited services, etc. ( depend on embassy)
How to Track Visa Processing Status Check status online, chat, call or email to Vietnam-visa
  • Actively make a phone call to the Embassy, or
  • Travel directly to Vietnam Embassy/Consulate
Processing Time
  • 2 working days for normal service
  • 1 working day for urgent service
  • 2 – 4 working hours for super urgent service
  • Normally 4-5 working days
  • No same-day processing in many embassies
  • Depending on the Embassy
Get Visa Stamp At Visa on Arrival counter after landing in Vietnam airport At Vietnam Embassy where you have applied for the visa
  • No need to submit any documents like original passport
  • Simple process and secure system. You do not need to work directly with the Immigration Department. We will support on your behalf
  • Convenience for people staying far away from Vietnam Embassy
  • Fees clearly published
  • Support 24/7
  • Emergency visa processing
  • Having Vietnam visa before departure
  • Applicable to all tourist  visiting Vietnam
  • Only one-off payment at Vietnam Embassy
  • Line up in front of Immigration Counter at arrival Vietnam airport to get your visa stamp
  • Possibly having names of other people on your approval letter if not applying for a separate letter
  • Having to send your original passport to the Embassy
  • Having to send documents by post or come in person to the nearest embassy
  • Working directly with Vietnam embassy
  • The procedure and fees is different at Vietnam embassies